AB Commodores

AB Commodores National Travel team Development program 


The AB Commodores will be a NATIONAL TOURNAMENT team. We will have student athletes from North and South. Our team will be headquartered out of MA. Local area players will practice in Danvers and Middleton in the winter. We will be both a tournament team and play a regional schedule, vs ME, CT, NH and RI. We will play in Houston, Myrtle Beach and Nashville... This team will be for the sole purpose of teaching players to prepare to play at the high school and college level. Instruction and skill set based practices . There will be game situations classroom environment as well as progression based instruction for tools and skill set development. Will have MLB / College level scouts and players providing insight to the entire 13 yr old thru 22 yr old process of the game. Each player will receive individual evaluations at 3 points during the season. The team will play at 14u level with players of 13-15 yr old ages. We will not interfere with middle school schedule and we will begin play in Mid April , Fri-Sun , with one of those days being a practice day.


After school is out we will enter tournament play in NJ, TX, TN, LA and SC. Understanding that players will have vacations, and possibly other sports commitments we will have a flex roster as not to hurt arms of pitchers. Our focus will be on the STUDENT first , both in classroom and on the field and the ATHLETE second. We will not call pitches or script games for our players. We will allow them the play the game based on instincts and fun. Players will play the free from the puppet strings of adults. We will manage health during games and instruct/ coach during practices and classroom meetings. Players will learn via the challenges that president themselves during games. Our sole intention is to prepare each player for the speed of the game at the High School and College levels. If you have questions please email us at ABCommodores@gmail.com