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For Coaches

"Walter's grasp of talent level, character and potential is consistently spot-on. We value his input on athletes that we want to bring to campus and he acts like an informal extension of our recruitment staff."


Travis Jewett, Assistant Coach - University of Southern California

For college coaches, Baseball Process can help bring awareness to college programs from all over the country and at all levels. Our primary focus is for student-athletes to bring their athletic ability to a team in exchange for a great education. As a former college coach, Walter Beede knows what coaches look for in each player they recruit. These student-athletes are walking billboards for their schools. It is important to get the right student-athlete for your program. With recruiting restrictions and a limited budget, we can supplement and even enhance your recruiting process. With academic, logistic, and athletic parameters for your program in mind, we can match you with the right talent and character. After thorough player evaluations, we will strive to bring student-athletes who possess a solid work ethic, good moral character, and the skills that your program needs.


For any coach, wins and losses on the diamond are just a part of the game. You've been entrusted to care for and help guide the career of your players. It's important to keep them focused on the game, but you've also got to be mindful that you only have these athletes for a short time. We can help high school coaches work with travel league coaches and college coaches to ensure that your athletes are getting the best opportunity to excel and get to the next level. These coaches can often be your partners in your athletes' successes - if you let them.


Here are a few areas where we assist coaches:

Expanding Your Recruitment Reach.png
Expanding Your Recruitment Reach

Every year, there's a player (or several) who you see make a splash around the league or in another part of the country that you missed out on or never knew existed. With relationships and coaching roles with programs, travel ball clubs, post-graduate schools, and baseball academies, we have access to players who you may be looking for and very well may be the next star of your program.
College Coaches - Getting Your Elite Ath
College Coaches - Getting Your Elite Athletes to Campus


For many college coaches who have high-profile names in their recruiting class, draft day is a tense time, as well as the ensuing months until signing deadline. You hope to retain as much of your recruiting class as you can, but how can you position school as the better choice than going straight to the professional ranks? How do you "sell" your program and you ability to develop your recruit better than a farm system can? We can help

High School Coaches - Getting Your Athle
High School Coaches - Getting Your Athletes Exposure

You've got some talent on your roster, but you may need help getting them to school. Or you've got a great student-athlete who you feel is being overlooked. What's the best way to ensure that your players are getting the attention and opportunity they deserve? It's not always easy. Some talent will fall below the radar. Sometimes, you just need a partner to make sure that the right connections are being made and expanding your geographic boundaries.

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