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"Walter Beede is an exceptional baseball man that knows what it takes to be a standout high school player, college player and professional player.  There are very few people in the business that know that process first hand as much as Walter as a player, coach, teacher and Dad.  He is connected to the best of the best in the business and is the type of person that if he recommends someone to you that you must see that player.


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He is also the type of person that will be very honest with players and coaches alike which is a very important trait.  When I think of Walter Beede I think of a baseball guy that has been through it all and has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share."

Jayson King,

Head Coach

Dayton University

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"It was clear from the first time we spoke that Walter is (as his twitter handle says) a baseball "lifer." There aren't many people who have as impressive a resume as he does. His ability to evaluate and develop talent is outstanding! However, in my opinion Walt's most impressive trait, is his passion for helping young people succeed. Whether you are a baseball player or coach, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better man to help assist you through the recruiting process."


John Flood, Assistant Coach - University of Illinois Chicago


"Without Hesitation I would recommend Walter to any parents who are trying to trying to get to find the best academic and athletic opportunity for their son. He also is able to find skill sets that other coaches and instructors may have overlooked."


Scott Jackson

Head Coach

Liberty University

"Thank you Walter for all of the help over the years! We appreciate all of your support at Salisbury and look forward to continuing the relationship at Cheshire Academy. These boys are fortunate to have you in their corner as they navigate this difficult process. Not only have the boys who have come up here left with multiple college opportunities they have been great students and young men of high character. Our Academic as well as Athletic standards are high and each of the young men you have sent our way have truly been a great part of our campus. We look forward to working with you and providing more student athletes opportunities to attend great academic university's to continue their athletic careers."


John Toffey, Head Coach, The Winchendon School, Winchendon MA


"I have known Walter for many years and had the privilege of being on the same TEAM as his son Tyler while he was in college.  Walter has been involved in baseball for many years and has developed many trustworthy connections throughout the entire country on both the amateur and professional levels.  Walter has been such a help to not only myself but to many families when it comes to identifying the “right” fit!  I can say without hesitation that Walter has the best interest of all parties when it comes to helping find a college HOME.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Walter and The Baseball Process! Thank you Walter for all you do for the young men and their families that you come into contact with.  Look forward to our continued relationship both on and off the field."



James Foster

Head Baseball Coach

Northwestern University

College Coaches

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"I have known Walter for over 35 years and there are not many other people around with his vast knowledge of baseball.  He has played professionally, he has coached collegiately, and he has had two sons who have taken different, yet both successful paths in the game of baseball -  these experiences make him uniquely qualified to share his knowledge and opinions.


Walter cares about young people, and though he may not tell you what you want to hear, he will always tell you what you need to hear.  He will be an important and objective guide to your decision making process."


Tim Corbin, Head Coach - Vanderbilt University