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Mike Roper, father of University of Ariz
"Without a doubt, my son would not be where he is today without Walter Beede and Baseball Process. He opened up a world of opportunity that we had no idea even existed. Together, we developed a gameplan for our son's academic and athletic career that we never thought possible."

Mike Roper, father of University of Arizona RHP

You've got a son who's shown some ability and taken an interest in baseball, it's likely that others are taking an interest in him. But the cost of camps, showcases, and travel teams can skyrocket and often lead nowhere. It's important to create a game plan. And it starts as early as age 13 and 14.

With Baseball Process, a one-time call will help evaluate, plan, and execute to get your son where he is capable of going. Video and emailing coaches won't get it done. It takes the right exposure during the 14u-17u years. But trying to chase multiple opportunities, not knowing which ones are worth your while and which are a waste of time and money can be exhausting and incredibly expensive. No matter where your son is now, it's important to optimize those crucial years.

You may or may not already considering options for college, or your son is potentially being lured into the professional ranks, possibly bypassing college. It's vitally important to have someone alongside you to help navigate this process, give a realistic assessment of ability and potential and discuss the positives and negatives to considering college or the draft. You know a baseball scholarship could be a great way to avoid the skyrocketing costs of college tuition, and it's also important to understand the reality about college baseball as well as possibly being drafted out of high school and how the two experiences differ. We can not only help with finding the right school for your son, but we can also help navigate all the other complexities that come before, after, or even instead of, the college experience. We've saved families tens of thousands of dollars by navigating to the right and most cost-effective destination.

Here is a list of some of the services we offer:

Reality-Based Evaluation.png
Reality-Based Evaluation

It's important to get a truly objective assessment of your student-athlete's abilities and potential. For the elite prospect, professional scouts have interests that may not be in the best interest of your son's career. For the solid athlete, a few tweaks may make all the difference in getting to an NCAA school. We can give you and your son an objective evaluation and develop a gameplan to get him to the right destination for him.

Objective Financial Analysis.png
Objective Financial Analysis

For most of us, cost is always a consideration when it comes to what is going to be best for our student-athlete. We can objectively show you what makes sense from a financial standpoint. For example, a high-profile school may be interested in your son, but isn't offering scholarship money. There may be an in-state school that makes more sense, or a combination of several sources of financial aid that can make a school more affordable. We're well versed in how to get creative in creating the right package for you.

Strength Training, Physical Preservation
StrengthTraining,Physical Preservation and Nutrition

Obtaining and maintaining peak physical shape is important, but it's also important be aware of the right kind of training to optimize performance, avoid injury and preserve longevity. We also want to make sure that your son is putting the right stuff in his body to keep him healthy and avoid any supplements that can be harmful or illegal.

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