Private Instruction / Player Development

Private Training/Lessons

Baseball lessons have become all to common place these days. Every where you look, someone that played the game at various levels is promising to take your son to the next level! Have you ever asked for a list of any of the players they have helped in the past? What their success rate is getting student athletes to the college level? If they have DIRECT access to college coaches from across the country? Most importantly prior to getting into a cage, what is their plan, what is their evaluation and most importantly " Are lessons WORTH spending money on based on student athletes current skill sets?" It is critical to make sure that the student athlete has a clear understanding of where his current skill sets are and what is necessary to work on moving forward. It is important to be honest and direct with all student athletes and families . So many times parents and student athletes are told what they WANT to hear rather than what they NEED to hear. Our progression based lesson programs , are explained in detail from the very beginning so that Walter and the student athlete are on the same page from day one! Moving forward once foundation skill sets are grasped and understood. All drills are not created for all players, therefore we do not do same drills with every student athlete, we customize a program specifically for that student athlete based on current skill sets and initial evaluation. 

Here are a couple of parents thoughts on Baseball Process Private instruction and development!

" We have tried so many private lessons with other instructors we lost count! We spent so many wasted dollars chasing the right instructor for our son. When we contacted Walter and Baseball Process , he sat us down, explained what needed to be done, how he was going to do it and most importantly explained his progression based programs to us so that we had a clear idea of what to expect. Not only has our son gone from 78-82 to 88-91, but he is now being recruited by several NCAA D-1 Programs. We can not thank Walter enough for laying out such a detailed plain that included strength and conditioning, diet, arm care/drill work as well as lessons. His progression based lesson program works and our son LOVED IT!"

Andrew Freilich

Son Jared scholarship to Penn State University.

Walter Beede and Baseball Process in one word has been, “Amazing”!  We have been working with Walter for the last couple of years and he has been able to answer all of our questions, relating to all baseball matters and the process. Walter has come in to our home to advise us, he has coached our son, Erik, and provides personal instruction that is second to none.  He gives a very honest evaluation, and will put your son in the best possible position to succeed addressing HS ball, Summer Travel Ball, Baseball Development, Nutrition, etc.  The relationships Walter has cultivated over the years are countless.Thanks in large part to Walter, we are proud to say our son, Erik is a legitimate Division 1 Baseball Prospect!  We as a family are more than thrilled with everything Walter Beede and Baseball Process has provided us.  There is a safety and security as parents knowing we can go to Walter and he has our son’s best interest at heart!


Justin & Yvonne Foster

For availability contact Walter Beede at 

Lessons are done at the RAMS ATHLETIC COMPLEX 66 Concord St North Reading MA. 

Tuesday's 3-9pm - Wednesdays 3-9pm, Thursday 3-9pm Sat and Sun by appointment only

Highlight / Recruiting Video

Professionally Edited Video

It is physically and financially impossible for college coaching staffs to put eyes on every prospect they hear or read about. College coaches often will delete most of their emails that contain attachments from people or companies they do not know. Baseball Process has direct access to college coaches, we understand what coaches want to see in videos and can create a complete skill set video that will ensure coaches have a clear understanding of both present and projectable tools. Often times, college coaches can determine whether of not to follow/begin recruiting student athletes from skill set videos, which makes highlight videos an essential evaluation tool. Families and student athletes alike, often spend thousands of dollars on the travel ball circuit, only to have games rained out or pushed back until later, which makes it difficult for coaches to evaluate players. With our full development evaluation and skill set video, we can ensure that the student athlete is seen and initially evaluated by college coaches, who in turn provide us with the feedback necessary to polish weaknesses as hone strengths. The ability to make a solid athletic impression with college coaches is critical in the early stages of the college recruiting process.

The most common mistake student athletes and their families make is filling up college coaches with lengthy/wordy and statistic filled emails. College coaches receive thousands of emails each month and most are never read. Coaches as well as MLB scouts formulate the foundation of their evaluation during Infield/Outfield pregame type drills, as well as a few as 5-10 swings in batting practice. Pitchers have certain physical cues that coaches and scout look for and that is where BASEBALL PROCESS can help you SHINE! Baseball Process will guide you through the process, evaluate and help develop your skill sets to ensure your video will stand out and we GUARANTEE your video will be seen and evaluated by the coaches we send it to.

Skills Analysis with Video

Baseball Process will provide each student athlete and their families a detailed evaluation on each video segment. This ensures that you know what we are saying to the coaches as well as allows student athletes to have a clear understanding of the progression-based lessons they will need to perform once we receive feedback from coaches! Getting it right the first time is critical as well as the ability to speak directly to coaching staffs, rather than waiting for email responses. Baseball Process also works directly with Program 15/ Future Series which is an organization that is backed by over 25 MLB Organizations and scouts. We work with the best in order to ensure several eyeballs see the student athlete and provide the necessary feedback so that each and every student athlete knows the areas of weakness that need to be addressed as well as how to take their strengths to the next level.

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Baseball Process group instructional and insight Clinics

Baseball Process will be working with Program 15 as well as former college players, coaches and current MILB and MLB players to provide valuable insight and instruction to all student athletes and families. Program 15 is a partner with New Balance, Franklin and MLB and their staff will provide detailed evaluations, useful insight as to watch scouts and coaches truly look for in their recruits. Baseball Process will work hand in hand with Program 15 to help all student athletes understand the scouting combine/ college showcase events and how to be fully prepared to excel at those types of events. We will also offer a 30 -45-minute lecture / Q/A period to help parents understand what the baseball recruiting landscape truly consists of. These clinics will offer tips and instruction from MLB / MILB players /Scouts, allowing student athletes to learn from the game's ELITE! These clinics are a great way for players at the lower youth levels understand the drills and skills they will need to perform at the higher levels and allow them to begin getting repetitions in while at the younger levels of the game. Student Athletes and families will be able to interact and ask questions directly to the instructional staff immediately after the conclusion of the instruction period. We feel this is valuable to allow student athletes to ask what matters most to them, directly to current and former MLB/MILB and former Major College players. Our instructional staff is deep and resides in all parts of the country. This will allow those attending our clinics to get an understanding of the game from all over the USA!


2023-2027 Clinics will be limited to 50 student athletes and families. Please email us at