Why should I Work with Baseball Process?

Baseball Process works with hundreds of Private High Schools, Travel Baseball programs and most importantly NCAA NAIA and NJCAA College programs. We will help navigate the entire baseball process, from academics, tutoring resources, skill set development, as well as the entire recruiting process, from beginning to end! We stay with you through all of the ups , downs and everything in between. We have over TWENTY-FIVE years of experience that you can rely on when it counts!

Who can work with The Baseball Process program?

Baseball Process works with student athletes from all over the country. We have worked with families from 19 states as well as Canada, Dominican, Venezuela  and Puerto Rico. We strongly encourage MULTI SPORT ATHLETES to consider Baseball Process! We do not nor will we EVER encourage singular focus on baseball !

Student athletes from Middle School through College are typically the ages we work with. What matters most is that the student athlete is prepared to work in both the Academic and Athletic areas that matter most within the college admissions and athletic departments.

Who are the best candidates for Baseball Process?

Baseball Process is not for everyone! In fact we do not work with every student athlete/family that contacts us.  Baseball Process is geared for the serious college bound student-athlete. We are interested in assisting individual families who are eager to learn and who are willing to work with us to find the best college fit. We stress to all student athletes that they will spend four years in the city/ state of the chosen University. We believe it is critical to know the campus, know the city, meaning is it in an Urban or rural based area, where are the baseball facilities on or off campus, where are the dorms, cafeteria and library located? We feel the best candidates are those that understand that this is a LIFETIME decision and that it is MUCH more than baseball. Candidates that have a clear understanding that Academics play a major role in this process and are willing to work as hard if not harder in the classroom area ideal. Multi-sport athletes that understand structure and routine, do very well in our program. Most importantly, our best candidates are student athletes that clearly demonstrate next level skill sets that can be developed will be a fit in our program. Our evaluation will determine who we can and cannot work with. We have worked with student athletes that did not play much in High School but still were able to obtain NCAA D1-2 scholarships as well as play in The Cape Cod league as well as other college level summer programs. We do not evaluate student athletes based on their High School statistics or level of play. We evaluate, develop and game plan the INDIVIDUAL college recruiting landscape for each of our participants based on Our evaluators, who consist of former MLB scouts/PLAYERS, college players and coaches.


When should student athletes begin working with Baseball Process

Many of our student athletes begin from middle school age and beyond. We encourage a one on one meeting with each student athlete to make sure that they have both the passion and desire for the game, and then fully explain what the journey will be like. It is important for both the student athlete and family to understand what truly is in front of them and how challenging the journey will be. We explain the numbers and percentages before starting with a student athlete. Generally most student athletes begin once they have turned 13-15 yrs of age. 

What if I am a HIGH LEVEL prospect already?

This is where Baseball Process truly separates themselves from ALL other similar programs. With the help of Walter and Tyler Beede we will be able to use valuable life experience for those that find themselves at the higher levels of the NCAA recruiting process. Walter was a Head Coach at the NCAA level and has over 30 years of baseball relationships that allow us to deal directly with recruiting coordinators and head coaches at 100's of college programs at all levels. Tyler, having been a highly recruited from the age of 14 by Colleges and Universities all over the country can offer extremely valuable insight to this tremendously challenging process. Also, many highly recruited athletes often find themselves coming under the MLB Draft and scouting watchful eyes during the JR/SR years of high school and JUCO levels. Tyler is the only New England player in the history of the MLB Draft (57 years) to be a two time first round MLB draft pick,2011 MLB draft- 21st overall out of Lawrence Academy -Groton MA and 14th overall out of Vanderbilt University 2014 MLB draft. With the draft comes dealing with agents, scouts and travel ball programs and we have the LIFE EXPERIENCE and background to navigate the process at its highest levels! This is what separates Baseball Process from ALL others!  


What if I am NOT a Blue Chip prospect?

Our strength is for those student athletes that are under the radar but have skill sets others may not see. An example of this would be Mason Koppens from New Orleans Louisiana . Played a collective total of 30 innings over four years of High School , yet played at Northeastern University as a scholarship player and 3 year starter! Mason also played for CHATHAM in the prestigious Cape Cod League! Approximately 450,000 student athletes from across the country play High School baseball and less than 35,000 will play college baseball from all levels! Of that 35,000 college players ,less than 5,000 will play at the NCAA D-1 level. This is an extremely intricate process that requires experience and a full understand of the BUSINESS SIDE of baseball. We work hard to find the right fit for each individual athlete. With strict transfer rules in place through out college baseball ,we work with coaches and student athletes to ensure the right fit for all four years they are a student athlete at the college level. We can speak with coaches on your behalf, we can create a detailed game plan for each athlete and then help them take ACTION steps to EXECUTE their game plan! 

Will Baseball Process  guarantee a scholarship?

In the world of college baseball, coaches at all levels ,NCAA,NAIA,NJCAA all have programs that help with financial aid / scholarships. Whether they are academic, athletic scholarships, grant money, non repayable loans , we will work with each family to help off set college costs. As a Head Coach at the NCAA level, Walter Beede understands the admissions and financial aid process at all levels of college baseball. We will work closely with all families with this part of the college process. We cannot guarantee scholarships as those decisions are those of the coaching staffs at each college but we can teach each family how to ask, when to ask and apply and what is the best route to take. Baseball coaches operate on strict financial budget that is UNIQUE and much different than all other sports! We have helped student athletes and families with scholarships/financial aid  for over 30 years. We know the process inside and out.