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I watch the warm-ups, and I see who cuts corners...I know who stretches half-heartedly... I watch body language Right here, that's enough information for me to know how committed the player is.

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Our Story

The founder and Executive Director of Baseball Process, Walter Beede, was drafted out of high school and played a stint for the Chicago Cubs organization. One of his sons, Tyler, then became an elite and sought-after prospect in high school. Drafted in the first round, the younger Beede opted instead to attend college, playing for a perennial national powerhouse, Vanderbilt. Three years later, with an All-American season and a National Championship, Beede was drafted again in the first round. This time, seven picks higher than he'd been selected out of high school. All told, Walter has more than 35 years of experience as a mentor to other young men, a coach, a father, and a player himself. As a freshman in high school, his son Tyler was already attracting interest from college and pro scouts alike. With a seemingly endless barrage of camps, showcases, and travel leagues wanting his son to show up, it became important to the Beedes to be able to focus on the real opportunities for exposure and sift through those that were not going to be worth the time, travel and investment.

Video Testimonials


Baseball Process will provide each student athlete and their families a detailed evaluation on each video segment. This ensures that you know what we are saying to the coaches as well as allows student athletes to have a clear understanding of the progression-based lessons they will need to perform once we receive feedback from coaches! Getting it right


Baseball lessons have become all to common place these days. Everywhere you look, someone that played the game at various levels is promising to take your son to the next level! Have you ever asked for a list of any of the players they have helped in the past? What their success rate is getting student athletes to the college level

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Eric Cressey, President, Cressey Sports Performance

''Walter Beede brings a wealth of knowledge as a baseball player, coach, and father to what can definitely be a very confusing process. While baseball is a great game, it can sometimes be a terrible "business," but with someone like Walter in your corner to navigate the waters, the college recruiting process can go much smoother." 

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Tim Corbin, Head Coach - Vanderbilt University

"I have known Walter for over 35 years and there are not many other people around with his vast knowledge of baseball.  He has played professionally, he has coached collegiately, and he has had two sons who have taken different, yet both successful paths in the game of baseball -  these experiences make him uniquely qualified to share his knowledge and opinions.

Walter cares about young people, and though he may not tell you what you want to hear, he will always tell you what you need to hear.  He will be an important and objective guide to your decision-making process."

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Jayson King, Head Coach
Dayton  University

"Walter Beede is an exceptional baseball man that knows what it takes to be a standout high school player, college player, and professional player.  There are very few people in the business that know that process firsthand as much as Walter as a player, coach, teacher, and Dad.  He is connected to the best of the best in the business and is the type of person who if he recommends someone to you that must see that player. He is also the type of person that will be very honest with players and coaches alike which is a very important trait.  When I think of Walter Beede I think of a baseball guy that has been through it all and has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share."

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