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Our Story

"Going through the draft not just once, but three times with my own experience, twice with a son, gives a father and a family a great deal of perspective as to how complicated the process can be," says Walter. "But the preparation for a day like that starts many, many years earlier."

As a freshman in high school, his son Tyler was already attracting interest from college and pro scouts alike. With a seemingly endless barrage of camps, showcases, and travel leagues wanting his son to show up, it became important to the Beedes to be able to focus on the real opportunities for exposure and sift through those that were not going to be worth the time, travel and investment.

Walter continues, "The costs can easily skyrocket if you aren't careful. We didn't have any help or anywhere to go to for advice, so we had to learn from our mistakes, but over time, you gain so much knowledge and realize just how daunting this entire process can be. It's one thing to have an exceptionally talented son or daughter, but to manage his or her career effectively, even at the amateur level, is much more complicated...and risky."

Walter's other son, Kyle, while not as sought-after as his brother, also had a baseball career to manage. He had options, but with a different skill set, he had to find a match with a school that needed his services. He was a pitcher with Louisiana State University-Alexandria.

Every athlete has potential for improvement, but it's important to be realistic about what's achievable and understand that every student-athletes's destination will be different. And that was the mission to create Baseball Process: To provide advice to other athletes, regardless of their talent level or skillset, to maximize their potential, their families, and coaches on the entire process of achieving that goal and that destination. This is the solid insight gained through years of firsthand knowledge of the process from high school through college and onto the professional ranks and success in reaching the ultimate goal while saving families potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way. As a coach, Walter Beede also knows how daunting the recruiting process can be for coaches as well. Kids want a chance to play at the next level, but it can be difficult to find the right combination of talent, dugout demeanor,  and work ethic. By building a network of coaches across the country from NJCAA and NAIA to Division I NCAA, he can create connections between players and programs where needs are matched with talent and skillset.

With a baseball career that has spanned over 40 years, Walter brings an extremely diversified background to parents and student-athletes. His highlights as a student-athlete include being A New England 1st team High School player, receiving a scholarship from Arizona State University, and being selected in the 13th round draft pick in 1981 by the Chicago Cubs, His Coaching background is lengthy and extensive. He has been a head coach at the High School, American Legion, National Travel baseball, and NCAA-College levels, He has also worked as a Task force member for the prestigious Team USA program in Cary NC. The parent of two sons that competed and graduated at the college level, Walter has been through the recruiting process with both of his sons Kyle and Tyler. Kyle played for LSU Eunice and Alexandria, and Tyler played for The National Champion Vanderbilt Commodores. Tyler also holds the distinction of being the only New England player in the 53-year history of the MLB Draft to be a TWO TIME FIRST ROUND DRAFT Selection. 


Walter brings a complete and total background to parents and student-athletes who are seeking to play beyond the High School level. From his experiences as a player, evaluator, head coach, and parent, Walter's ability to explain and navigate the challenges of the playing season, recruiting process, evaluations of student-athletes, ability to speak and deal directly with college coaches on a national level, will allow all families to have peace of mind throughout the travel baseball and recruiting process. He has helped well over 700 student-athletes from across the country over the last 25 years and has developed a coaching / MLB scout network. 

The founder and Executive Director of Baseball Process, Walter Beede, was drafted out of high school and played a stint for the Chicago Cubs organization. One of his sons, Tyler, then became an elite and sought-after prospect in high school. Drafted in the first round, the younger Beede opted instead to attend college, playing for a perennial national powerhouse, Vanderbilt. Three years later, with an All-American season and a National Championship, Beede was drafted again in the first round. This time, seven picks higher than he'd been selected out of high school. All told, Walter has more than 35 years of experience as a mentor to other young men, a coach, a father, and a player himself.

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